Creating platforms to
eliminate widespread toil from
society and inspire innovations


Keep creating

A few years have passed since our company was established
and we have directly felt the drastic social and technological transformation in those years.

We, 3-shake, are on a mission to continuously create innovative products that support the foundation of society.
To this end, we need to build flexible and tenacious teams.
That's why we have established the following team policy.

“All members shall play a leading role, respect and value one another, and enjoy developing a new future through friendly rivalry.”

3-shake prides itself on its optimal corporate culture, where employees take pride and pleasure in their daily initiatives as professionals.
Needless to say, these teams do not create conventional products.
I am certain that they will create products that will surprise the world.

Stay tuned for our future initiatives!


Takuma Yoshida

After joining DeNA in 2011, Yoshida engaged in infrastructure projects for the payment service provider Paygent as an infrastructure engineer. He has been using AWS since it was launched in the Tokyo area, so he is keenly aware of the impact that cloud platforms have on society. He joined Poppin Games Japan Co., Ltd. during its startup phase in 2013. There, he oversaw the infrastructure layer and led all aspects of technology, business, and management during the venture company's startup phase as a game producer, the head of the business strategy office, etc. In January 2015, he founded 3-shake Inc. to create an infrastructure platform originating in Japan.
Born in 1987 in Tokyo, he graduated with a Master's in Quantum Engineering from the Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo.


Origin of 3-shake

3-shake was named after the three-way handshake, a network technology term.
Our mission is to continue to provide services that serve as the foundation of society and accelerate innovations,
just as this technological method serves as the foundation of the Internet.


3-shake's core values

  • 01

    Provide products and
    services that change society

    We will focus on whether the value we provide can fundamentally change social activities (engineering and life activities).
    It is not necessarily about becoming the first in the world.
    Sometimes, existing products or services are not transforming society for some reason (legacy technologies, UIUX, price, etc.).
    We will solve the problem to make sure the potential of these products and services is not wasted, thus leaving an impact on the world.

  • 02

    Turn technologies into value

    We will continue to be a group of tech professionals that turn technologies into profit and contribute to society.
    At the same time, we aim to make technologies (value) available to users at reasonable prices.

  • 03

    Our excitement is the key

    You cannot provide products and services that change society overnight.
    You need to analyze users for a long period of time and continue to tackle issues head on.
    To this end, it is important that we ourselves feel excited and enjoy working on the products and services.
    We will deliver our excitement to users as a sign of our passion.

Company Overview

  • Company name

    3-shake Inc.

  • Address

    Head office:
    3F/4F, Grand First Shinjuku-Gyoen, 22-1 Daikyo-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0015, Japan
    Google map

  • Establishment

    January 2015

  • Representative

    CEO Takuma Yoshida

  • Number of employees


  • History

    January 2015

    Started providing cloud building and operation services from home

    June 2016

    Relocated the office to Iwamoto-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

    January 2017

    Relocated the office to Iwamoto-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

    August 2018

    Launched Sreake, a comprehensive SRE building service

    October 2018

    Launched 3-shake AdNetwork, PaaS for ad distribution

    November 2018

    Relocated the office to Higashikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

    January 2020

    Released Reckoner, a data collaboration platform

    May 2020

    Launched Sreake Security (currently “Securify”), a security service

    December 2020

    Launched Relance, a recruiting service for freelance IT engineers

    January 2021

    Raised a total of 500 million yen in the Series A financing round

    May 2021

    Relocated the office to Daikyo-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

    September 2021

    Launched Bugty, a bug bounty operation service

    August 2022

    Raised a total of 848 million yen in the Series B financing round

    September 2022

    Released Securify Scan, an automated vulnerability diagnosis tool

Head office

3F/4F, Grand First Shinjuku-Gyoen, 22-1 Daikyo-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0015, Japan


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